Hardwood floor installation

Hardwood Floors

JVP Flooring specializes in hardwood flooring installation and refinishing. It’s our bread and butter. However, our customers have the option to put their own unique spins on this traditional flooring material. Our customers can choose from a wide range of domestic, exotic, unfinished, or plank hardwood flooring options.

Your floors can be further personalized by making your selection from our vast assortment of hardwood flooring stains and finishes.

Engineered Wood Floors

Our prefinished wood flooring materials offer a unique, rustic elegance to your home with never-repeating patterns and color variations.

The color of your floor will change over time, due to exposure to natural and ultraviolet light. We encourage you to keep the natural characteristics of prefinished wood in mind when viewing samples electronically. Color representations and variations in printing result in your newly installed wood floors varying slightly from sample images.

Prefinished Wood Floors

As the name implies, engineered wood is constructed by combining multiple materials. Natural wood, scrap wood, and shredded wood fibers are bound together using adhesives. The end result is a wood flooring material that is stronger, more durable, and more moisture-resistant.

Our selection of engineered wood flooring materials has been carefully tested to ensure that your floors are built to last.

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