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Laminate flooring has advanced to the point where you can have a low-maintenance, stain-resistant floor that recreates the exact likeness of wood, tile, brick or stone.
Our laminate flooring is made from recycled material, and our professional, efficient and courteous installation crew will have your laminate flooring installed in no time, with minimal disruption to your routine.
Laminate is durable, long lasting and easy to care for. Even if you scratch your laminate flooring, we can provide specially designed pencils or filling sticks to conceal almost any damage. While laminate is not ideal for floors below ground level or in the bathroom, any other room in your house – particularly high-traffic areas – would benefit from the beautiful look and amazing durability of laminate.

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The advantages of laminate flooring

1. Affordability

Most people learn of laminate flooring due to its cost-effectiveness.
Because laminate flooring is made mostly from composite wood pressed together at
high temperatures, it’s considerably more affordable than natural timber, which can be
quite expensive depending on how exotic the tree is.

2. Extreme resilience

Not only is the composite timber material of laminate flooring hard-wearing, but the uppermost
layer of laminate also offers fantastic scratch resistance. The top coating of laminate
floorboards will survive high traffic, rowdy kids and pet’s claws. UV resistance also
means the colour of your floors is less likely to fade over time.

3. Beautiful appearance

Developments in laminate flooring technology mean the difference between natural
timber and laminate is much harder to distinguish today. Many laminate floorboards
feature unique embossing to accurately mimic the appearance and texture of natural wood.

4. Simple maintenance

Laminate flooring is easy to keep clean. Spills and marks can simply be wiped away with a
soft microfibre cloth and it’s easy to sweep or vaccum away any dirt and dust.

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